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George W. Bush Presidential Library


The Presidential library system consists of 13 libraries nationwide which are maintained by the Office of the Presidential Libraries. This department is part of NARA – the National Archives and Records Administration. The Presidential library is not one in the traditional sense.

USA Presidential Libraries

It is actually a place where the papers, records, and other historical materials related to the each of the Presidents of the United States are stored. Several of the libraries were created by NARA. However, recent presidents have elected to build their own libraries in their home state. The George W. Bush Presidential Library is the 13th one created and currently resides in Lewisville, Texas.

Bush Presidential Library

The George W. Bush Presidential Library current location, though, is temporary. The library’s permanent home will be on the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas, Texas. SMU had been working to win the bid since George Bush was elected to office in 2001. However, it wasn’t until he had started his second term did official in the Whitehouse asked six colleges to submit their bids for the library. The other five included Baylor University, University of Texas System, Texas Tech, the University of Dallas, and Midland College. After a small amount of controversy, legal wrangling, and negotiations, SMU was chosen as the location of 13th Presidential Library on February 22, 2008.

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