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Tips for Buying Bulletproof Cars


Most people don’t need bulletproof cars. They will make it through their life without ever coming in contact with anyone wielding a gun. If you are in the market for one, however, there are certain things you need to know about them to assist you in making a wise purchase. First and foremost, there are two types of armored cars. There are those which were manufactured in an auto plant and then there the one there are retrofitted with armor and bulletproof glass. One thing you should keep in mind about the difference between the two is that the manufacturers specs guarantees you are getting the enhancements you are paying for while you need to take the buyers word for it if the car has been retrofitted.

Armored Audi A8 L Photo

There are different levels of armoring on bulletproof cars. The level a vehicle belongs to is determined by the type of ammunition it can withstand. For example, a level four armored car can take fire from a variety of handguns and a shotgun with no problem. However, you may not be so lucky if you come in contact with an armor piercing rifle. The level you need will depend on where you plan on using the car. If you are going to be driving around the United States, then a level 4 is probably good enough. If you are going to be in a Middle Eastern country, however, then you will probably want to go with something higher.

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Bulletproof Glass – How Does it Work?


Bulletproof glass is glass that has been specially designed to withstand the onslaught of bullets from a wide range of firearms. Although it looks like normal glass, it is actually a layer of polycarbonate thermoplastic or laminated glass sandwiched between two layers of regular glass. When a bullet is fired into the window, the energy impact is absorbed by the glass. The force of it may crack the window, but it will not penetrate through. One way bulletproof glass also exists which allows the occupants in the vehicle to shoot at their aggressors while stopping any bullets that are coming in their direction.

Car Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof glass is just one component of an armored car. It can withstand numerous rounds of bullets. Most of the ones on the market are only made to deflect bullets from a handgun or shotgun. Anything larger than that and you will have real trouble on your hands. There are other types of glass that offer more protection. A company may use a heating and cooling process to temper the glass to give it added strength. This comes in eight layers of protection that can stop increasingly bigger bullets. Unless you are planning to go into a war zone, however, you probably won’t need it.

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Armored Cars – A Brief Overview


The idea of armored cars is not new. However, the definition has certainly changed over the years. In the beginning, an armored vehicle was considered one that contained armed passengers who were there to protect the cargo the vehicle was carrying. For example, transport caravans were often escorted by armed men who would fend off would be hijackers. Later, the vehicles themselves were fitted with weaponry that was used to defend against an attack. Spanish galleons often had cannons built in to fend off pirates while they sailed on the open seas. It wasn’t until around World War I that the armored vehicles, as they are known today, were created.

As one would expect, the military was the first to employ armored vehicles in the modern sense. The Motor War Car was the first manufactured car that hit the scene in 1902. It was developed by F.R. Simms and featured Vickers armor that was 6 mm thick, two Maxim guns, two turrets, a 16 hp engine, and could charge through a war zone at 9 mph.  Seeing the benefits of this new technology, other countries quickly followed with their own developments and usage of armored cars. For example, the British RAF used armored cars made by Rolls-Royce called the Pattern Mk.

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Most Expensive Car Repairs


If your car’s upkeep is not met, you could see repair bills that run into the thousands. Here are the 10 most costly repairs.

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Scion FR-S – Sports Cars for Diplomats


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