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What is George W Bush Doing These Days?


When his tenure ended, it seemed that former President George Bush could not wait to leave office. A perfectly understandable sentiment seeing as his approval rating had dropped significantly during his second term in office. Receiving harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle and from the general public due to errors in judgment he made during his tenure, it should not have come as any surprise that the former Governor of Texas moved back home to Dallas and refused to grant interviews or speak to anyone during the two years since his departure.

What is George W Bush Doing These Days

However, recently, George Bush broke the silence with the release of his memoir Decision Points. The book was acquired by The Crown Publishing Group for $7 million and was released to the public November 9, 2010. Not surprisingly, the book has received mixed reviews and brewed a bit of controversy over claims of plagiarism. However, the former president has not allowed that to slow him down and is currently embarking on a national campaign to promote the memoir. He has been interviewed, or scheduled to be interviewed, by heavy media hitters such as Oprah Winfrey, Matt, Lauer, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

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New GAZ-233114 Tigr-M 4×4 armored vehicle will enter in service with Russian army


The GAZ-233114 Tigr-M multipurpose 4×4 armored car will enter in service with the Russian army during the first half of 2013, said the spokesman of the military-industrial Company Sergei Suvorov.

Tiger-M Russian Armored Car

All tests on the vehicle were achieved by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and at the request of the Russian army, the manufacturer improved its ability to have more protection against land mines.

GAZ-2330 Dimensions

The GAZ-2975 “Tigr” is a Russian high-mobility multipurpose military vehicle, manufactured by Military Industrial Company LLC. It is the military version of the GAZ-2330 “Tigr”. It is equipped with a powerful diesel, turbocharged, air-cooled engine and five-speed manual transmission.

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Armored Car Companies Are For Expensive and Rare Objects


What do you think of when thinking of armored car companies? It is possible that the first thing that could come to mind is security. This is because usually armored car companies provide security to other companies. This is because other companies might wish to have an armored car company protect some rare or expensive object. An example of an expensive item is a diamond. Gold is another expensive item that might need protection with some armored car companies. Did you know that armored car companies are used for expensive and rare objects?

Brinks Armored Truck

We have already thought that armored car companies are used to protect expensive and rare objects. This seems to be a correct belief as to the use and function of armored car companies. However, we might not know specific information regarding a particular armored car company.

Truck by American Armored Car LTD

It could be the case that the best known armored car company is Brink’s armored car company. The Brink’s Company is a security and protection company. It is located in Richmond Virginia. This company is in the security and logistics industry. The Brink’s Company has 650 branches and 7,800 vehicles. In addition, this security company operates in over 150 countries. It is also interesting to note that The Brink’s Company was founded in 1859. It seems that this security company would be an excellent company to use for protecting expensive and rare objects.

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