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Eight Habits of A Disengaged Long Term Care Insurance agents

It is the common attitude of most long term care insurance agents to whine about their work place, complain about their co workers and to never feel well compensated. Before you start judging your work, your boss or your officemates, maybe it is best that you evaluate yourself first. What exactly are you bringing into the Long Term Care Insurance industry? Are you being an employee that is worth the compensation that you are longing for?

We, oftentimes, focus on the the inadequacies of the people around us that we sometimes fail to see our own lapses. If you wish to achieve a better position and pay in your company, maybe it is the perfect time for you to evaluate yourself and your performance.

To help you identify if you are a great contributor to the Long Term Care Insurance agency you are with or you are one of those employees who are pulling the company down, here are some of the attitudes of a disengaged employee and see if you can relate:

1.) Always complaining
It is normal for LTCI agents to get tired sometimes but when you complain incessantly, then maybe you are the one with the problem. When everything is not good enough for you, you will never have the motivation to work properly.
2.) Never gets excited
When you can no longer find the excitement to work on new LTC prospects or to even go to work on a daily basis, then there is a high chance that you are no longer an effective Long Term Care Insurance agent.
3.) Never takes responsibility for their action
A big part of working in an agency is that you will be given huge responsibilities to tackle. If you always find an excuse to say no to a new leads list or you never take the blame when something goes wrong, how will you be an effective employee?
4.) Refuses to cooperate with others
A company can only succeed if there is great team work is involved. If you do not want to collaborate with others, then you may be the cause of downfall of a business or a company.
5.) Lies
As they say, honesty is the best policy. No matter how skilled or talented you are, you will never be an effective team player or employee if you will not say the truth. Making up stories and creating web of lies will certainly not be beneficial for the company and will spook away any potential long term care insurance clients.
6.) Gossips
If there is one thing that can singlehandedly destroy a company, it is gossip. When there is gossiping, the morale of employees will be ruined. As a result, team dynamic will never be established.
7.) Takes no initiative
A company needs the initiative of their employees in order to become successful. Good employees goes beyond their call of duty if they wish to contribute greatly to their companies.
8.) Doesn’t focus on personal and career growth
A stagnant employee will not bring anything good to the company. It is a must that employees invest in themselves so that they can grow together with the company.

So, are these traits seem familiar to you? Were you thinking of yourself the whole time you were reading this? If yes, then it is high time that you start changing yourself for the better and becoming the best long term care insurance planner as you can be.

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