President Obama orders new sanctions on Iran

“Even as we intensify our pressure on the Iranian government, we hold the door open to a diplomatic solution that allows Iran to rejoin the community of nations if they meet their obligations. However, Iran must understand that time is not unlimited,”

said White House press secretary Jay Carney

us congress

The executive order from President Obama broadens what is already a concerted and multifaceted sanctions campaign aimed at crippling Iran’s economy, forcing it to comply with international demands that it prove its nuclear program is peaceful. The USA believes Iran is working to develop nuclear weapons, a charge that Iran denies.

usa congress

“The clock is clearly ticking,”

Secretary of State John Kerry said last month on a visit to Israel.

U.S. is going into a new crusade?


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  1. Cecilia Martinez
    Posted July 1, 2013 at 3:00 am |

    This message is for Pres. Bush Jr. Sir would you please stop obsessing over me. I know you are in SOBE right now. I know you own a house very near to me. Stop the prosthetics and coming as different persons to me. I wish a lot of comfort so that you never return to harass me. I respect your family so please let this be good bye once and for all. Thank You God Bless

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