What It Takes to Keep the Country Safe: Cops

Dreaming of becoming a police officer but not really sure on what preparations to do? There is not much needed as long as you are determined to becoming part of law enforcement, you graduate high school, pass the civil service exam and you are physically capable of running around and withstanding exhaustion. Being a police officer even if you do not have a bachelor’s degree is possible. But, this depends on the state or location you are in. It is because nowadays, there are already cities or states that require applicants to at least have an associate degree or vocational course. With the tight competition in the market, it is an advantage if you get yourself a short vocational course. So, if you really want to become a police officer, make sure you qualify on the basics.

On education, getting a high school diploma already qualifies you for the job but it won’t end here. You have to take a civil service examination and pass it because it is also a basic requirement when you want to apply for any position in the government. After you pass the examination, there will still be additional exams to pass and so make sure you prepare yourself by studying. If you think you do not have the sources, visit the local library and read books on law enforcement and if you know a police officer, get tips. This will help you go to the next level. You also have to be emotionally and psychologically stable. You will know you are when you pass the psychological examinations and interview. Of course the government wants to make sure they are hiring the right person to uphold the safety and rights of the people. Sometimes, the desire to serve may not be enough because you still need to prove you are capable.

When you have passed all the examinations, you also have to undergo physical training. You will be taught how to hold and fire gun properly. You will be taught basic first aid because this is also part of your job. Police officers are usually the first people arriving in crime scene or area of disaster. Having first aid training will allow you to save lives. In physical training you should show your strength and agility in every task. Endurance is the key to lasting and passing the training. You should not wonder why physical training can be tight because when you become a police officer, you are usually assigned outside. Physical training will be very useful when you are already out on duty.

The desire of service and helping people is a very good quality of a police officer. Add up discipline and fairness and you might become the most loved police officer in the future. Having the right attitude will make you sturdy in resisting temptations and abuse of power. When you are a law enforcement officer you are given the power to implement the law and policies. Make sure you are to be a good example to your community.

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